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MS Word DocumentLetter to Practice Managers - Final.docDec 9, 2019
MS Word DocumentSchools requesting OTC medicines template letter from LMC.docAug 7, 2018
MS Word Document6168-Letter To Patients re Flu FINAL.docOct 5
MS Word DocumentLMC Standard Letter Benefits Agency.docJul 13, 2017
MS Word DocumentPublic health strategies to control an outbreak - final.docJun 5
MS Word DocumentExemption Guidance Note on Face Coverings 140720.docJul 21
MS Word DocumentLMC Standard Letter Over-the-Counter (OTC) Medicines for Children.docMay 11, 2017
MS Word DocumentDr R Dales - Conflict of Interest Declaration.docMay 7, 2019
MS Word Document6166 Letter to Patients FINAL.docSep 28
MS Word DocumentBMA SNOWMED Letter.docxNov 21, 2017
MS Word DocumentWMAS HPF and Contact v2.docxSep 3
MS Word DocumentSecondary care - workload template letter to consultants 2020.docxJul 29
MS Word DocumentHPV Issue Form v1.0.docxOct 30, 2019
MS Word DocumentLMCE Conf motion outcomes.docxNov 30
MS Word DocumentCovid staff update march 18 2020.docxMar 23