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Acrobat Reader DocumentC0651_Covid Support Fund Letter FINAL 4 Aug 12.30.pdfMonday
Acrobat Reader Documentbma-covid-briefing-on-supporting-return-to-work.pdfMonday
Acrobat Reader DocumentThird Phase Guidance Letter Headlines.pdfAug 6
MS Word DocumentSecondary care - workload template letter to consultants 2020.docxJul 29
Acrobat Reader DocumentGP Charter v2.0.pdfJul 29
Acrobat Reader DocumentLMC Transfer of work LMC statement July 2020.pdfJul 21
Acrobat Reader DocumentBMA joint letter workload to Professor Stephen Powis_16.07.20.pdfJul 21
Acrobat Reader DocumentBMA letter to Simon Stevens 17July20.pdfJul 21
Acrobat Reader DocumentKey principles for intimate remote consultations .pdfJul 21
MS Word DocumentExemption Guidance Note on Face Coverings 140720.docJul 21
Acrobat Reader Document20200618_PLAN_InfoSheet07_GPRs_FINAL.pdfJul 3
Acrobat Reader DocumentHerefordshire and Worcestershire CUES Practice list_ final list.pdfJul 1
Acrobat Reader DocumentCUES LMC letter Herefordshire and Worcestershire.pdfJul 1
Acrobat Reader Document(S7) CUES Service Summary One Pager.pdfJul 1
Acrobat Reader DocumentPE UES Poster AW 2.pdfJul 1