Welcome to the website of Coventry Local Medical Committee.

Coventry Local Medical Committee (LMC) is the recognised elected statutory body which represents GPs working within Coventry.

Our Mission Statement:
The LMC is recognised by successive NHS Acts as the statutory professional organisation to represent all GPs.

It is not a Trade Union. All GPs whether principals or salaried, whether they hold a General Medical Services or Personal Medical Services are constituents of the LMC. Alternative / Special Personal Medical Services doctors will be fully represented subject to a levy being paid on their behalf. Sessional GPs may pay a voluntary levy if they wish to be fully represented by the LMC.

The LMC represents GPs in discussions with local, regional and national health bodies. The LMC also has a significant pastoral function.

The LMC is an independent, self-financing body with statutory functions. The LMC will defend, represent and advise where justified and necessary in the interests of the profession and our patients.

The funding is by a statutory levy paid for by all practices. The cost is dependent on the number of patients registered at a practice.

In addition to the statutory levy practices are asked to contribute to a voluntary levy which is used to finance the LMC’s non-statutory functions, including a contribution to the General Practitioners Defence Fund.

Members term of office is 4 years. Elections for half of the Committee take place every two years as stipulated in the LMC Constitution. There are 22 seats open to all GPs in the city and 2 seats that are specifically reserved for non-principal GPs.

The LMC meets monthly, except in August.

The Officers of the LMC are:

- Chairman – Dr Terry Eaton
- Vice-Chairman – Dr Gavin Shields
- Secretary – Dr Sarah Matthews

The Chair and Vice Chair are elected / re-elected by members on an annual basis as stipulated in the LMC constitution. The Secretary is appointed to the post for a 4 year term following a transparent recruitment process.

The LMC is supported by an employed Executive Officer (Maggie Edwards) with an office at UHCW NHS Trust. The Officers meet weekly.

The LMC strives to ensure the development of Primary Care to ensure a high quality service is delivered to patients. The LMC is committed to the values of:

- Openness
- Equal Opportunities
- Representativeness
- Equity and Fairness

The LMC works closely with other local LMCs, the West Midlands LMC Liaison Group and the General Practioners Committee at the British Medical Association. LMC Officers represent the LMC at the Primary Care Commissioning Committee, Primary Care Development Group as well as regular operational and strategic meetings with Coventry and Rugby Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). They attend the Clinical Design Authority and Out of Hospital Group for the Coventry and Warwickshire Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) and meetings with NHSE West Midlands Medical Directorate. The Officers are integral members of The Coventry General Practice Board which has been set up to provide a united provider voice for GPs in the City. LMC Officers are involved in discussions with UHCW NHS Trust and attend national medico-political conferences (National LMC Conference and LMC Secretaries Conference). Regular meetings are held between the LMC Officers and local Members of Parliament.